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Divine Embrace won't stay unknown for a while ! This german band plays a kind of death metal which sounds really different from the otehr bands; At first, some riffs have been inspired by  old thrash metal. More, their sound can be better classified into the Thrash metal style than the death one, especially with guitars. Divine Embrace can easily be distinguished because of its melodic approach, be it with vocals (sometimes a more melodic voice appears) or with guitars melodies. A good example is "Mystic Island" which combines the style of Divine Embrace. I say the style, because I think Divine Embrace creates its own style. Thus, it's easier to recognize their songs. Another point of interest in the incrdible bass play, which is very technical with a kind of jazzy feeling. So, it's incresing the main qualities of riffs. With a technical approach, Divine Embrace achieves to release a very interesting Death metal album. this is a really exciting debut. Impressum